Women in Ghana ere – and have always been – quite independent. This is also shown in their self-understanding in family life. Most women remain (jobwise) active after the birth of their children and contribute actively to the family income.
Quite many are also single mothers and are the breadwinner for themselves and their children.
Most often the family – mainly grandmothers, aunties, cousins – look after the young children while the mother is at work.

Some women, however, do not have such an intact or reliable family background or support and thus see themselves confronted with major problems when they have to go to work.
Our NGO uses a government building at the moment where the Kindergarten/crèche is situated.
Working mothers without a proper family support for their children can bring their kids into the care of the Kindergarten teachers and go on with their job.

The project is taken care of by Mrs Vivian Oduro Asante who has a long-term experience in child-caretaking and is socially active in her community as well as in her church in Atibie. She is presently supported by 3 employed teachers as well as local volunteers.

The building that is presently used has to be handed back to the owner in the near future. Therefore our NGO has decided to build a new Kindergarten structure in Atibie. This new building will be equipped with proper sanitation such as water closet, showers etc.

On a long term basis we also want to invest into further education of our caretakers, teachers and volunteers and would like to offer a co-educational (and or) on-the-job-training for the local girls and boys who finish secondary school.