Our NGO uses a government building at the moment where the Kindergarten and creche is hosted.
The building that is presently used has to be handed back to the owner in the near future. Therefore our NGO has decided to build a new Kindergarten structure in Atibie.

We started the building activities in January 2010. The work is mainly supported by the local footballers from Odweanoma FC and volunteers from the community who contribute with great involvement to this project.

The building is erected in the “local way”, the masonry /stones are produced in hand-work on the building site.

The majority of the work is being done by hand. As the building activities are progressing bigger machines and professional workers will be needed, so we are still depending on donations from abroad to complete this modern building.

Our building activities have so far been supported by donations of

- Elementary School Langenbrücken, June 2010

- TUS Mingolsheim Football Club, June 2010

- Children of Holy Communion Mingolsheim, May 2011

- Lufthansa HelpAlliance, November 2011

- Children of Holy Communion Mingolsheim, April 2013

- Charity Christmas Market Leibniz Gymnasium Östringen, January 2014

- Religion class 7e and 7f Leibniz Gymnasium Östringen, April 2015

and many individual private donors