The local Odweanoma Football Club in Atibie – a village in the Eastern Region of Ghana – has devoted itself to thrive for the improvement of social and educational perspectives of the young.

One of the biggest problem in Ghana`s rural areas is the flux of young people to the cities.
Mostly for financial reasons many quit school too early and move to the capital Accra to look for a greener pasture there.
For most of them, however, their dreams do not come true and they return to their homes with empty hands quite frustrated and disillusioned.

Unfortunately the job perspectives in the rural areas are not better than in the bigger cities and so many young people fall into alcohol- or even drug abuse and become a problem to their families and the whole community.

The NGO has set its aim to keep the young guys busy by offering a regular training-, play- and free-time schedule in order to include them into a positive social context and keep them off the streets.
Furthermore we want to implement and offer job trainings in order to qualify the young people and open up better future perspectives for them.

Since football is the sport number 1 in Ghana and many youngster in the rural areas are interested in it, we see this project as an opportunity to reach many young people.

The project was initiated by Vickers Ampadu who was born in Ghana and lives in Germany now. He presently trains kids and young boys in the local football club in Bad Schönborn, Mingolsheim.